Peace of Mind for All

Every organisation relies on managing the risk out of opportunity and the opportunity out of risk. Peace of mind comes when there is proof that risk is well understood and well managed. 

As the complexity and speed of change increases relentlessly, risk management systems need to be flexible to keep up. And at every stage, risks need to be sought, accepted, modified or rejected to achieve business objectives. Successful risk management means better decisions, not bureaucratic risk registers and mechanical form-filling.

At Nonsuch Assurance, we see risk and assurance a bit differently to most advisory firms. We believe that risk and assurance are ways to evolve and succeed, not as deadweight compliance. Where others may wish to go into defensive positions over threats, we say seek out the risks, manage them better than others and build a reputation of finding success where others fear to tread.

Our Services

We draw on our expertise to create the right mix of products and services to help achieve your desired outcomes.

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Our Principal Consultants

Carl Wallworth
Director & Principal Consultant
Risk Assurance
Mobile : +64 (27) 555 4241

…with almost two decades of leading internal audit and assurance functions in New Zealand and overseas across industries such as utilities, manufacturing, transportation and life sciences, Carl is passionate about delivering pragmatic solutions to improve business processes and operational performance
[email protected]

Adrian Sparrow
Director, Principal Consultant
Risk Management
Mobile: +64 (27) 635 3056

……with 38 years of experience in risk management, law enforcement, forensics, risk assurance in roles ranging from being a detective in the Royal Hong Kong Police to his role as Risk & Assurance Manager of the Datacom Group, there’s little that Adrian couldn’t wrangle in the areas of Risk and Assurance.
[email protected]

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