Our Consultants

Youssef Mourra

Director & Principal Consultant
Mobile +64 (21) 423 620
[email protected]

Youssef is a top of the line P3M (Portfolio, Programme and Project Management) Practitioner, Consultant and Presenter who has developed risk management approaches and systems for investment and change initiatives in organisations. These approaches have been applied successfully in the world of project, programme, portfolio and benefits management.

He has led hundreds of consulting engagements involving the adoption of project, programme and portfolio management (P3M). In this role, he has helped organisations adopt risk management as it applies at each of the P3M layers. He has a particular interest in a growing area of risk management, Portfolio Risk Management. This is where an organisation monitors its entire portfolio of projects and assesses the risks involved when new projects are proposed to be added to the portfolio as well as the risks of organisations not doing projects. This is the practical way to ensure that investments in change are risk assured.

He has developed a good reputation for thought leadership within the way risk management is introduced and adopted by organisations.

Adrian Sparrow

Senior Consultant
Mobile +64 (27) 635 3056
[email protected]

Adrian is a well-respected practitioner in risk management. From a career as line manager in both private and public sectors and as an international consultant, he has wide experience and expertise. He brings a practical but robust approach, most recently to his former role as Risk & Assurance Manager of the Datacom Group, which has 4,000 staff operating across Australasia and Asia.

In addition to this practical background, Adrian has developed strong conceptual understanding from his work as a member of the A/NZ Standards Risk Management committee and as Deputy Chair of NZRisk. He has presented on risk management and contributed articles on numerous occasions.

As a consultant with KMPG, Deloitte and on his own account, Adrian has designed, developed, installed and used numerous risk management systems. Underpinning all of this work has been the philosophy that risk management is applied common sense that should be “designed-in” to everyday work, not “bolted-on”. This means that risk management processes should be relevant to users and add more value than they cost an organisation.

In occupying senior risk and assurance roles, Adrian has brought a balance between anticipating and shaping the future (risk management) with giving stakeholders independent comfort that present day operations are working within tolerable standards (assurance) and ensuring that there has been compliance with minimal standards in the past (audit). While each role of risk, assurance and audit is discrete, he has been instrumental in ensuring that they are all interlinked and directed by good governance arrangements.

Sales & Support

Dommy Sutherland

Head of Sales & Marketing
Mobile +64 (0)21 656 351
[email protected]

Dommy is responsible for our overall sales and marketing approach which includes; social media, sales literature, branding, campaigns, and everything in between for both internal and external stakeholders.

Kirsty runs projects for Nonsuch Assurance and ensures Nonsuch Assurance remains ‘ship shape’. Kirsty takes the lead on all our internal continuous improvements to our systems, processes, approaches and ensures that all our team has the best possible tools and support they need to be successful.
Kirsty project manages all of Nonsuch Assurance’s events and gets support from the whole team to ensure they are successful.

Janene Bailey

Office Support &
Operations Lead
[email protected]

Janene directly supports Carl, Youssef and Adrian to ensure they meet all their commitments and obligations to each other and to the Nonsuch Assurance team. Janene ensures our bills are paid on time and all our commitments are honoured. She helps organise travel and diaries and keeps Nonsuch Assurance running smoothly with no hiccups.

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